Mentorship Program

As of September 20th, 2020, we will be temporarily pausing our mentorship program. Through The Vine values safety, and we want to register as a non-profit organization so that we can run official background checks on our volunteers for our students’ safety. Though we’ve had no previous incidents, we want to ensure that our mentees feel safe when interacting with their mentors.
If you have already been matched with a mentor, you may keep asking them questions if needed, and continue CC’ing all emails to However, we will not be making any new matches until we are registered as a nonprofit.

In place of the mentorship program, we plan on hosting webinars over Zoom where we will have mentors share their experiences and answer any questions that you may have. This webinar series will be facilitated by the co-founders and/or the Mentorship Program Director.

Sign up here for the scheduled webinars we’re having right now!

As a high school student, guidance is incredibly helpful when it comes to navigating the college admissions process. If you’re provided guidance from an early stage, you can gain insight in what you should do to get into your dream colleges. Though some school guidance counselors can be helpful, nothing compares to direct advice from a college student.

Our mentors are trained to be familiar with the college admissions process. You may talk to your mentor for as long as you see fit! We match mentors to mentees based on a variety of things: both parties’ studies of interest, the colleges that the mentee is considering, etc.

The best part is that this program is completely free, so there’s nothing to lose by signing up!

How do I sign up to be a mentee?

Fill out this form, and we’ll match you with a college student who matches your interests! Though exchanges will start off through emailing, you are welcome to move to a different platform for your convenience if your mentor is okay with it!

Can I change mentors?

Sure! We understand that every college student has different advice, experience, and tips to share even though they all go through the same training with our organization. Just fill out our form again and answer all the questions that relate to you.

Are my conversations with my mentor monitored?

Beginning September 17th 2020, we will be monitoring emails between mentors and mentees. Although we had no incidents regarding interactions between mentors and mentees, we want to ensure that both parties feel safe messaging each other. Mentees can still request their mentors to move to a more convenient platform to talk on. However, if you want your conversations to be monitored for safety, we highly recommend sticking to email and CC’ing us in all correspondence.

All emails should be CC’d to our mentorship email address:

Extra notes

A mentorship is a partnership between two people therefore both parties must actively participate in order to have a successful mentorship! Mentors are required to make the first contact after which it is the mentee’s responsibility to reply and continue the conversation. Please DO NOT leave your mentor hanging with no reply or ‘thank you’. They’ve taken their time to help you with your questions so please reciprocate; you should communicate to your mentors what you need, whether it’s that you no longer have questions or that you will reach out to them at a later time.

We strongly encourage all interactions to be kept ONLINE only. We do not recommend plans to meet one another in person. Any decisions to do so WILL NOT be Through The Vine’s responsibility.

DISCLAIMER: Although our intent is to provide helpful advice, we DO NOT take responsibility for whether you get accepted/rejected from a college. Please also note that mentee-mentor conversations ARE NOT monitored by the organization; therefore, we ARE NOT responsible for information discussed privately. However, any harassment or discrimination will not to tolerated and can be reported to us by email (refer to our Policy page for more details).

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